Gibraltar Border Crossing

With Gibraltar being the 5th most densely populated country in the world, many people who work there actually live in the Spanish border town of La Línea de la Concepción and make the commute over the Gibraltar border crossing daily, and with up to 10,000 vehicles and around 36,000 people making the commute each day, the border can get pretty congested. This is also the case for a number of holidaymakers who choose to stay in the cheaper hotels and holiday apartments in La Línea and either hire a car to get to and fro or take a taxi which costs around 6€ from La Línea taxi rank to the centre of Gibraltar.

Crossing By Car

Holidaymakers staying in La Línea and thinking of hiring a car and making the Gibraltar border crossing for their excursions should bear in mind, with the country being so densely populated and such a high number of vehicles crossing the border each day it can get extremely congested. Add to that the limited parking spaces and narrow roads in Gibraltar and you may wish to consider either a taxi, bicycle or walking. There are three separate queues for cars, bikes/motorbikes and foot traffic that are all well sign posted with brief, if any passport checks, but beware at two points the bikes have to cut through moving cars to get in their lane.

Crossing By Bike/Motorbike

Making the Gibraltar border crossing on two wheels can be a lot quicker and the road is flat for much of the journey so not too tiring for cyclists. The biggest downside is the air pollution from all the slow moving traffic and the odd plane coming in to land right above your head. Unfortunately a separate lane for bicycles that was introduced a few years back was soon scraped and cyclists once again need to join the motorcycle queue. It is also worth noting there is no bicycle parking at the border so it is not an option to leave your bike there and walk.

Crossing On Foot

Depending on where you are staying and where you fancy visiting, making the Gibraltar border crossing on foot can be the easiest and quickest option. With so much foot traffic on a daily basis commuters are rarely asked to show their passports and the queues tend to move at a good pace. The only hold up, and this is the case for all modes of transport, is having to wait at the Gibraltar Airport runway gates if a plane is landing or taking off as all traffic has to cross the runway, boring for daily commuters but rather exciting for newbie holidaymakers.

Transport In Gibraltar

Once across the border if travelling on foot and wishing to see some of Gibraltar's attractions, a number of taxis offer excursions to most of the popular places. Alternately there is a bus stop just after the border where visitors can get one of several local buses into the centre or outer lying areas of Gibraltar at a reasonable price of around £1.00 or £1.50 for a ‘Day Hoppa' ticket.

Local Bus Service

With Gibraltar covering a land mass of less than 7 square kilometres, getting around is fairly easy on all modes of transport including the local bus service.