Gibraltar Cafes and Takeaways

Visitors to Gibraltar who are out and about on the town and feeling a bit peckish, but don't fancy a big sit down meal will find a great selection of Gibraltar cafes and takeaways where they can grab a quick snack or food to go. The Rock is a popular holiday destination for families, where the familiarity of British food combined with the Mediterranean climate is welcoming for young children who often haven't developed the taste buds for foreign food, preferring to stick to good old British favourites that are found in many of the Gibraltar cafes and takeaways.

As is the case with the majority of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, Gibraltar cafes and takeaways all tend to be centred around three main areas, Grand Casemates Square, Main Street and Ocean Village Marina, although there is a scattering of eateries along Queensway Road in the harbour and on the quieter east side of the Rock near Catalan Bay. Main Street is a hive of activity that is partly pedestrianised, with a number of smaller streets branching off it and the popular Irish Town running parallel where hungry visitors will be spoilt for choice.

Gibraltar Cafes

Oasis Eatery – Centrally located just off Governor's street near the O'Callaghan Elliot Hotel but tucked away from the hustle and bustle, Oasis Eatery serves good value, fresh and healthy light bites, sandwiches, baguettes and delicious home made cakes, muffins and brownies.

Costa Coffee – Britain's favourite coffee house can be found in Gibraltar in the lively Grand Casemates Square where visitors can enjoy their favourite brew accompanied by a selection of snacks, pastries and cakes.

Sacarello's Cafe – Located in Irish Town, the locals like to keep this little gem a secret so be sure to pay a visit, as the best places to eat are where the locals eat. English tea and coffee accompanied by a selection of cakes are served by friendly staff always happy to have a chat.

Timeout Cafe – A truly eclectic menu awaits visitors to this popular eatery where paella dishes and Moroccan tagines are served side by side with full English breakfast and delicious cakes in a pleasant atmosphere. Located in Euro Towers on Europort Road.

Mas Cafe – Very convenient for airport and border crossing travellers, Mas Cafe is located above the Eroski Supermarket just inside Gibraltar and serves a variety of breakfasts, snack meals and drinks in a busy setting with the option of terrace dining.

Verdi Verdi – A charming little cafe with a large arched entrance way located in the popular Grand Casemates Square. Breakfasts are a favourite here and they do a good vegetarian choice as well as fresh healthy juices.

The Jazz Cafe – Located on Chatham Counterguard and just a short walk from Ocean Village Marina, this is a great place to spend an evening, especially when local artists are performing where visitors can tuck into juicy steaks, the famous BB King burger, lovely salads and the speciality of the house, a range of gin & tonics.

Gibraltar Takeaways

Tina's Takeaway – As far as Gibraltar cafes and takeaways go, Tina's is a local institute where both locals and holidaymakers flock to for the superb fish & chips which are served alongside other popular British dishes and a selection of tasty Filipino food, in the heart of Main Street.

Burger King – This popular American takeaway chain is always a favourite with the young ones and hungry drinkers spilling out the bars. Located in Grand Casemates Square with a further branch just across the border on Av. Principe de Asturias.

Domino's Pizza – Also located in Grand Casemates Square near the Grand Battery and Landport Tunnel, Domino's speaks for itself really where their consistently good pizzas have made them a world leader in the takeaway market.

Mr Noodles – Situated on Queensway Road near Ocean Village Marina, Mr Noodles keep it simple yet delicious with a good variety of noodle and rice dishes. Eating in for lunch is possible but it's advisable to book a table as it does get busy.

Kebab House – It would be criminal to review the Gibraltar cafes and takeaways without mentioning Britain's favourite after pub and club grub, the good old kebab. Kebab House is centrally located just off Main Street on Cornwall's Lane and serves the usual offerings of doner and chicken kebabs, burgers, chips and drinks.

Above are just a handful of the Gibraltar cafes and takeaways to be found; there are many more to choose from and practically every cafe and restaurant will offer takeaways if you ask.