Kitesurfing in Tarifa

With a combination of steady east and westerly winds blowing for more than 300 days of the year, enhanced by the funnel effect of the Strait of Gibraltar, kitesurfing in Tarifa is world class and attracts a nomadic tribe of surfers who travel the globe in search of the perfect wind and waves. Kitesurfing's popularity is fast becoming equal, if not more popular than windsurfing which brings up the often asked questions, which is better and easier. Well, it goes without saying, if you have been windsurfing for years it's not likely you are going to suddenly praise the merits of kitesurfing, and vice versa, but if you are new to both sports it makes it easier to form an opinion after you've tried them both.

Kitesurfing in Tarifa
Flickr / Matthias Mueller

Kitesurfing VS Windsurfing

Those that have tried both sports usually come to the conclusion that each have their own merits, difficulty to learn, equipment costs and physical requirements, and depending on wind and wave conditions in any said area, one can be more preferable than the other, but there's no reason you can't enjoy both sports if your finances allow it. The equipment required for both costs roughly the same, each works different muscles in the body, but kitesurfing is easier to learn and less challenging. The ease of learning kitesurfing can and has led to a number of accidents as those new to the sport can gain too much confidence too quickly, yet do not have the skills to handle a tricky situation; so whichever sport you choose take care.

Kitesurfing in Tarifa

Visitors to Gibraltar may ask themselves, why with the favourable wind conditions in the Strait do I never see any kitesurfers in Gib? Well, there is an interesting and simple explanation, kitesurfing has been banned in Gibraltar due to the bright colours of the kites frightening the monkeys! Yes, being the only species of monkey in Europe, the resident macaques are quite few in numbers and are thus protected by the government and locals alike. So for visitors to Gibraltar who want to get out on the water, kitesurfing in Tarifa is the best option and the journey by car takes less than an hour.

Lessons & Equipment Hire

With kitesurfing in Tarifa being so popular there is no shortage of places offering both lessons and equipment hire, so it's just a matter of getting there and choosing a surf shop or school to suit your needs. One such place that offers lessons and equipment hire is Kitesurfing School Tarifa. Run by world champion kitesurfer Aurelia Herpin who performed a world speed record in 2005 and went on to win a world champion title in 2006, you can be assured when choosing lessons with Aurelia you are in expert hands.

Kitesurfing Lessons – The school offers private, twin and group lessons for beginners, private and twin lessons for intermediates and private and twin lessons for advanced surfers. They also offer the option of supervision for those who have had lessons before and have learned the basics but don't feel confident enough to surf alone.

Equipment Hire – For independent and experienced surfers who can prove their abilities the school offers full equipment hire by the hour (minimum 2 hours) and daily rates for up to 7 days with rental prices dropping the more days you book.

Kitesurfing Holidays – For those who are really serious about learning kitesurfing in Tarifa there are several kitesurfing holiday options that include all equipment, theory and practical lessons and accommodation. Surfers can choose from 3 day, 6 day and tailor made courses and the packages offered are aimed at all skill levels. These include Ride & Relax (beginners), Intensive (beginners, intermediate, advanced) and 100% Package (beginners & intermediate).

Whether wishing to learn this thrilling sport or just hire equipment, kitesurfing in Tarifa is one of the best spots in the world to choose and the town offers good accommodation options including several camping sites, and a great party vibe during the summer months when the bars and clubs fill up with happy go lucky surfers and holidaymakers.

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