Day Trip to Morocco

Talking about a journey to Africa does sound rather exotic, and visitors enjoying a holiday in Gibraltar can do just that after a day trip to Morocco. Yes, the land of souks & spices is less than an hour's journey across the Strait of Gibraltar by high speed ferry, yet upon arrival you are immediately aware you are on a different continent as the sights and smells of Morocco's ancient cities assault the senses and the maze of narrow souks beg to be explored.

Day Trip to Morocco

Unfortunately due to port regulations there is only one ferry a week from Gibraltar and it doesn't return on the same day. But all is not lost as just across the bay is the port city of Algeciras that services 5 ferry companies operating a whopping total of 38 ferry crossings per day, so visitors wanting to do a day trip to Morocco should compare prices beforehand. Another option, maybe more suitable for the elderly or families with young children is to book a day trip to Morocco as part of a tour, where everything is taken care of including pick up and drop off from your accommodation in Gibraltar and fun options such as a camel ride.

The Delights of Tangier

Being the largest major city in north Africa, Tangier is the destination for the majority of ferries, although there are ferries that travel to Tanger Med and a ferry that travels to the small Spanish enclave of Ceuta on the northern tip of Africa. Immigration formalities are taken care of during the journey which gives passengers more time to enjoy their day, and with the frequency of ferries it is possible to leave early and return late to best enjoy the delights of Morocco.

If visiting Tangier be sure to visit the old town of Medina where, among others you will find the main souk, Grand Socco that is an absolute delight to explore. The local spices are a must buy as are the wonderful varieties of pottery and hand woven rugs. Scented oils are a great alternative to cologne and last a lot longer as they don't contain any alcohol. The local sweets, pastries, teas and coffees are not to be missed, and for a more substantial meal, goat and lamb feature highly in delicious stews or as a kebab with freshly baked pitta bread and salad.

Fun for Kids

Gibraltar is certainly not lacking when it comes to activities and entertainment to keep visitors happy, but due to its small size and dense population it can sometimes be difficult to find fun for kids.