Bicycle Hire

With the total size of Gibraltar being less than 7 square kilometres, some energetic visitors are happy to get about on foot, but with a combination of the summer heat and some steep roads, for most visitors bicycle hire is a more feasible transport option. Car or bicycle hire is also essential for those that wish to hop across the border to explore the nearby Spanish towns, villages and attractions. Having said that, Gibraltar and its famous ‘Rock' offer visitors a great choice of excellent attractions, beaches and entertainment venues that will keep the majority of holidaymakers happy without the need to head over to Spain.

There are either surprisingly few bicycle hire companies in Gibraltar or it could be down to the fact that some of them don't advertise or have websites. Whatever the reason, a good starting place for visitors looking for, not just bike hire but information on Gibraltar in general is the Tourist Information Office located at 13 John Mackintosh Square. One of the most established bike hire companies that offer a choice of men's and woman's bicycles is Rent A Bike, situated at 36b Waterport Circle, Sheppards Marina. Bike hire is also offered from a selection of hotels including the Hotel Asur, just across the border on Av. Principe de Asturias, La Linea.

Redibike Gibraltar

With Gibraltar's small size and big popularity it's inevitable there is going to be quite a bit of traffic congestion, and in an attempt to lessen this the government have launched a new bicycle hire scheme similar to the ‘Boris Bikes' in Britain, called Redibike. Phase one will offer 120 docking points spread over 11 busy locations with an initial total of 105 bicycles. If the scheme proves successful phase two will be to increase both the amount of bikes and docking stations; great news for residents and holidaymakers to this popular British enclave.

Mobility Scooter Hire

It is always advisable for disabled persons choosing a holiday destination to first check the availability of mobility scooter hire and access to any attractions they may wish to visit before choosing their destination.