Grand Casemates Square

Located at the northern end of Main Street and regarded as the gateway to Gibraltar's city centre, Grand Casemates Square takes its name from a British military barracks built in 1817 and up until 1864 was the rather gruesome public site for military hangings. The square now serves a far less sombre role being one of the major commercial hubs in the city where visitors can enjoy shopping and wining & dining in a number of cafes, bars and restaurants. It is also the venue for several celebrations, fiestas, live concerts and cultural events throughout the year and played host to Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebration in 2012.

Grand Casemates Square
Source: Flickr / Jose Angel Astor

Grand Casemates Square

The first construction to be built on the site of Grand Casemates Square which was originally an area of beach, were the foundations for a Moorish settlement in 1160. Since then parts of the square have been added to by both Spanish and British settlers and further refurbishments in the 1990's uncovered remains of what is thought to be 14th century foundations of a galley house that are still open for public viewing today.

Modern day Grand Casemates Square is a vibrant hub of activity with a number of open air stalls in its central area similar to a mini street market where visitors can enjoy drinks and snacks while browsing ice cream stalls, arts & crafts shops, souvenir shops and even betting shops; online gambling being big business in Gibraltar.

Surrounding the square are a great selection of well known British shops such as WH Smith and Top Shop as well as British inspires takeaways, pubs and restaurants where you will find good old fish & chips, full English breakfast and a great selection of ales and Guinness. There are also pharmacies, tobacconists and a selection of Spanish tapas bars and restaurants.

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