La Línea de la Concepción Beaches

Due to Gibraltar being dominated by its famous Rock there are only a handful of beaches and small bays to choose from, but for lovers of sun, sea and sand a quick hop over the border offers a further choice of options along the La Línea de la Concepción Beaches. Indeed, many visitors who spend much of their holiday in Gibraltar choose to actually stay in the wider choice of better value hotels in La Línea de la Concepción where they can enjoy the best of both countries so to speak. The border post, although congested at times is really just a formality and quite often you won't even be asked to show your passport, making travel very simple.

Santa Barbara Beach – Not as glamorous as its namesake in California but equally as sunny, Santa Barbara is the first eastern beach you come to after crossing the border. Backed by a promenade where visitors can enjoy refreshments and food from a small beach bar during the low season, and a further selection of bars that set up in the high season, the beach has the typical grey sand of the region and is fairly small but does offer facilities such as ablutions, changing rooms, sun lounger & parasol hire, lifeguards and a Red Cross hut.

Levante Beach – Named after the predominant wind that blows in the area, Levante is just further east and shares its facilities with neighbouring Santa Barbara Beach. Only around 75 metres long it is favoured by the locals and also offers sun lounger & parasol hire.

Atunara Beach – Heading further east from Levante you first come to the Atunara fishing port where there is a small urban beach and the beginning of the Paseo del Mediterráneo that runs the full length of Atunara Beach and offers a good selection of bars and restaurants. After the fishing port the beach continues for several kilometres making it the longest of all the La Línea de la Concepción Beaches.

Torre Nueva Beach – This is the furthest of the La Línea de la Concepción Beaches and a bit out of the way for visitors from Gibraltar who are walking or cycling but not far at all by car. As is the case with many beaches in Spain, it also goes by the name of Burgo Beach or even La Línea Beach and is about 1.5 kilometres long with the typical grey sand of the area, ablutions, changing rooms and parking. Here visitors can see why it was given one of its names in the form of Torre Nueva, an old 16th century watch tower.

Poniente Beach – After crossing the border, just to the west of La Línea's harbour is Poniente Beach which is fairly narrow and around 700 metres long. This is the most urban of the beaches, situated close to the town centre with a picturesque promenade where visitors can enjoy refreshments in a choice of bars and restaurants, the majority only open in the summer. Poniente offers the usual beach facilities, parking and the promenade has a handy cycle lane.

Eastern Beach

Located close to Gibraltar Airport's runway and backed by colourful houses, Eastern Beach is the largest and most popular beach in Gibraltar due to it receiving sunshine throughout most of the day.