Gibraltar's Main Street

Beginning at the famous Grand Casemates Square and running south to the Referendum Gates, Gibraltar's Main Street is a shoppers paradise and also gives visitors a view into the country's historical past where the diverse styles of architect include that of Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and of course Britain. In many areas Gibraltar's Main Street has been pedestrianised, making it a pleasure to explore or just while away a few hours at a streetside cafe watching the hustle and bustle of shoppers determined to make the most of the great value duty free shopping.

Gibraltar's Main Street
Flickr / James Cridland

Gibraltar's Main Street

With Gibraltar covering an area of less than 7 square kilometres, buildings and roads are tightly packed and Main Street is in fact the only large street in Gibraltar, the rest a maze of narrow lanes and alleys which can be a nightmare for first time drivers. Most holidaymakers stick to walking or make use of the local bus system which is regular and efficient.

A walk along the length of Gibraltar's Main Street is a great way, not only to enjoy the fantastic shopping, but also to explore the many small side streets and lanes that branch off in all directions, some leading to places of interest such as the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowned and the tiny entrance to Kings Chapel. Those who fancy a pint of the ‘black stuff' will find a selection of Irish bars along Main Street, but for a true taste of Ireland the nearby district known as Irish Town is well worth a visit.

Among the many shops on Main Street visitors can browse a superb range of arts & crafts including colourful rolls of cotton and silk from Morocco and Algeria, intricate local pottery and porcelain, hand blown glassware, antiques and precious and semi precious stones. Most goods sold in Gibraltar have reduced tax and duty charges but compared to UK prices the biggest savings can be made on tobacco and alcohol.

Among the well known high street brands to be found along Gibraltar's Main Street are Top Shop, Debenhams, Mothercare, Mango and Dorothy Perkins. Boutique style clothing and jewellery shops feature highly and once shoppers have worked up a thirst or appetite, there is an excellent choice of cafes, ice cream stalls, bars, restaurants and takeaways to suit all tastes.

King's Bastion Leisure Centre

Originally an 18th century military fortress used to defend Gibraltar against invading forces, King's Bastion Leisure Centre now serves the far more pleasant role of entertaining residents and visitors to the Rock.