Rosia Bay

Visitors wanting to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Gibraltar's city centre will find a peaceful haven at the charming Rosia Bay. Most holidaymakers visit Gibraltar for its numerous historical attractions and superb shopping opportunities rather than its beaches which, although attractive in their own right, are not all ideally located to get to, fairly small and lack the pristine golden sands and facilities one would find in a popular Spanish beach resort. With the famous Rock of Gibraltar looming high above the beaches, the amount of sun visitors can enjoy is limited depending on the time of day so if it's all day sunshine you're after, you will need to make like one of the famous Gibraltar monkeys and hop around the rock!

Rosia Bay
Source: Flickr / Roy McGrail

Rosia Bay Attractions

Located in the southwest of the Rock, Rosia Bay offers a decent size parking area and its small port is the oldest in Gibraltar, often referred to as Nelson's Anchorage as it's believed this is where Nelson's body was brought ashore after his death on board the HMS Victory, preserved in a barrel of rum as legend has it! With the bay forming a natural cove, bathers are protected by the winds that often come in off the Straits, and if the winds get too strong there are a number of bars and restaurants lining the bay where bathers can seek refuge and get a drink and bite to eat until the wind dies down.

The rocky areas around the beach are a favourite spot for local anglers where due to the influence of both the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea, there is a superb variety of fish species to try and catch. Visitors with time to explore can head to another two bays, Camp Bay and Little Bay which are located a short walk further south. Walking through Camp Bay Tunnel will take you to Europa Point where the attractions include an impressive mosque, small museum, famous lighthouse and the Shrine of Our Lady Europe.

Catalan Bay

When enjoying a holiday in Gibraltar, visitors who fancy a day at the beach should head to the east side of the Rock where they will find the wide sands and clear waters of Catalan Bay.