Fun for Kids

Gibraltar is certainly not lacking when it comes to activities and entertainment to keep visitors happy, but due to its small size and dense population it can sometimes be difficult to find fun for kids. Some of the more common activities kids enjoy such as go-karting, mini golf, laser wars, football and riding the Banana Boat are just not available in Gibraltar, either due to lack of space or port and harbour restrictions on certain water sports and activities.

That's not to say fun for kids cannot be found on the Rock as there are beaches, swimming pools and the exciting King's Bastion Leisure Centre that offers a great variety of fun activities. Another plan to ensure the young ones will have fun, especially for large families or groups, is to hire a venue or equipment such as bouncy castles, slides, face painting or even youth discos. These are a great idea for birthday parties or family get-together's and provide endless fun for kids in a safe, and in the case of bouncy castles, soft environment.

Elite Bouncing Fun

These guys are not your usual one man band with just a single, worn and dated bouncy castle who arrive, blow it up and leave you to it. They really go out of their way to ensure a good day or night is had by all and offer a great selection of bouncy stuff, go-karts, ride on animals, Disney characters, face painting and disco hire. Although they are restricted on certain venues, they do have sufficient places where they are allowed to set up their equipment, or for those that have the space, they can set up your choice of fun for kids stuff at your private residence. The choice of different theme bouncy castles alone is fantastic, and they have so much more to ensure your young ones will have a super time whatever the occasion. Bouncy Castles – These come in all shapes, sizes and themes that will appeal to boys and girls, and of course the odd adult who has had a few too many glasses of punch! Some of the most popular ones include Peppa Pig, Tinkerbell, Under the Sea, Snow White, Nemo, Super Heroes, Minions, Paw Patrol, Cars and Minecraft. There are also a selection of castle & slide combos. Large Event Units – These bouncy castle themes are the ultimate fun for larger groups and include Indiana Jones Adventure, Gladiator Obstacle Course, Elite Boxing Ring, Rodeo Bull, Minions Slide, Gibraltar Theme Castle and XL Jungle Castle. Cars & Karts – All kids love to imitate their parents in many things, and none more so than driving. Elite Bouncing Fun have a range of Didi Cars that look like little spacecraft and are great fun for the younger kids. Their large pedal Karts have race car style seats and large off road wheels that are more suited to older kids with stronger legs. Costume Characters – Young ones the world over are fascinated by life-size Disney and cartoon characters, and the excellent choice of characters to hire include Spiderman, Sponge Bob, Dora, Barney, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Woody, Princess Sofia and Ben 10. Local Venues – Most visitors to Gibraltar don't have the luxury of a large garden or private venue to hold a kids party or set up bouncy castles, but that's not a problem as Elite Bouncing Fun have a number of available venues suitable for parties of most sizes. These include the local squash club, parish hall, police club, yacht club, Eclipse club, Pizza Hut and McDonald's. So whatever the occasion, fun for kids is assured when you hire a venue, and or equipment from Elite Bouncing Fun who are fully insured and employ friendly trained staff who will make sure the young ones have a great time and go home with fond memories of Gibraltar.

Day Trip to Morocco

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