Scuba Diving

With more than 30 shipwrecks to explore off the coast, Gibraltar is not just about that big ‘Rock' that sticks out the water, but also what can be seen below the waves when scuba diving. The beauty of scuba diving, and also what makes it a great profession is the sheer diversity of available courses and dive site locations to be found worldwide. Gibraltar is a superb place to dive and there are a number of dive shops and schools where visitors can try an initial ‘Introduction To Diving' day adventure, or for those spending a bit longer on the Rock, a choice of courses from PADI Scuba Diver all the way to the ultimate certification of Divemaster. There are also a number of specialist diving courses such as rescue diver, night diver and deep diver.

Scuba Diving
Source: Flickr / Ohio Sea Grant

For the majority of visitors enjoying a short holiday in Gibraltar who wish to try scuba diving, the basic Introduction To Diving is not really a course as such, and although many dive shops will give you a Certificate Of Completion at the end of your day, this is really just to show your friends and family. Having said that, diving is not for everyone and even strong swimmers who are comfortable in the water are sometimes not comfortable under it, so the introduction is the best and cheapest option to see if scuba diving is for you.

Getting Below The Waves

Whether a complete novice without any equipment or a trained professional with the latest in diving gear, the dive shops and schools in Gibraltar offer a good selection of dive choices and sites such as Europa Reef where there are sheer drop-offs, caves and of course pretty reefs. Also not too far from shore is the series of jagged pinnacles known as the Seven Sisters that is suitable for all experience levels and makes for some great photo opportunities. Whatever dive option you choose when visiting Gibraltar, you can rest assure once below the waves the beauty of the underwater world and dramatic colours of flora & fauna will have you enthralled.

Scuba Diving Courses

Of the many fantastic activities available during a visit to Gibraltar, diving and snorkelling are extremely popular, and for those who wish to get below the waves